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UFL for educational experiences

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 2:18 pm

On behalf of the United for Literacy Board, we want to begin by thanking the communities of the plateau for the support that has been given through volunteering in

Monteagle Elementary School, involvement in school activities, and financial contributions through the years. The pillar-like support never goes unnoticed. With that being said, we have created what we like to call a “Community Commitment” through United for Literacy, and we look forward to what we know will be continued support.

If you are not already familiar with UFL, we are a collaborative network committed to addressing the literacy crisis for students that attend Monteagle Elementary School. We want to bring Monteagle Elementary students along with parents, businesses, and community volunteers together in an effort to build a more sustainable local workforce creating lifelong learners. This is our second year in operation, and we see many more in the future.

UFL will provide one field trip per year to each grade level at Monteagle Elementary School. Even though this is an immeasurable experience, as many of MES students have never left the plateau, it is deeper than just a field trip. These students will get a field trip that is grounded in classroom knowledge. For example, after studying the American Revolution, the 8th grade will travel to the American Village this year. The American Village is an immersive experience that places students back in revolutionary times, sending messages to Paul Revere’s wife, participating in the Second Continental Congress, and even learning how to yell a battle cry while carrying a musket.

Picture this: an 8th grade student leaves MES, and this student has had nine

(Kindergarten through 8th grade) significant experiences that have not only shown them a real-world connection to what they have learned in class, but also nine times they have seen what this world has to offer. Because of these thought-provoking adventures, we hope to create not only productive citizens, but specifically Monteagle citizens that bring their own knowledge back full-circle to this plateau. However, field trips are not where our mission ends. Last year, we also began offering in-school programs like a visit from the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra.

To accomplish these goals, we need your financial support. Within our goals, we want to be able to provide the following: transportation, lunch, and admission for field trips. We also want to organize experiences within the school. Many requested trips require contracted transportation instead of a school bus due to location, and this is a large transportation cost, upwards of $2,000 in some instances. While this may seem an extravagant amount, is it fair to seclude a student from an amazing experience due admission for field trips, as well as monthly offerings for “in-school adventures?” Should they be punished for living in a rural community? At UFL, we say absolutely not. We want them to experience the American Village in Birmingham, the Parthenon in Nashville, the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, and more. John Keats said, “Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” Help us make these dreams become reality through experiences.

Now, how can you help? First, we would love to invite you into the school. What do you love? Appalachian music? Plateau wildlife? Children’s novels? We want your expertise shared with our students. Please set up a time to come and provide a program of your choice, we welcome you. Secondly, a monetary contribution would be greatly appreciated. You can stop by Citizens Tri-County Bank Monteagle, TN with cash or check or donate straight to United for Literacy at P.O. Box 1237, Monteagle, TN 37356 with a mailed check. We are a 501(c)3.

Please contact us with any questions: Contact Monteagle Elementary School: 931-931-924-2136, Pam Maloof,, Kimberly Partin,, Veronica Horton,, Katie Trahan,, Natalie Burkard,, Renee McBee,, and Rhonda Butner, 931-924-5785.

  • Pictured are board members Pam Maloof and Katie Trahan with Monteagle Mayor, Greg Maloof being awarded the “Sissy Stewart Volunteer Award” on behalf of United for Literacy.

The Marion Tribune – November 9, 2023