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Todd Brown Honored In Fire Station Naming

Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 11:40 am



The Whitwell Fire Department will be dedicated as the “Todd Brown Memorial” with a sign and ceremony as determined at the Whitwell city meeting on August 10.

In a unanimous decision by the board, the fire department will not change the name of the building due to postal and emergency services reasons, however, they will have a sign and ceremony honoring the late chief. City Manager Lonnie Cleek submitted the request to the board at the meeting. In discussing the specifics of the plan Cleek admitted he did not have all the information and both he and Commissioner Mike Dillon wanted to include Brown’s family and the fire department in the decision making should the board approve the dedication.

Dillon stated in discussion, “Todd is the one who got the fire hall, he’s the one who put all his efforts into it.” Dillon was emotional in reflection of the chief’s passing and all wanted to ensure the memory and legacy of Brown. “I was chief, a few years, but I think Todd was the greatest chief we’ve had.” Dillon stated. Manager Cleek agreed stating, “I don’t think you’d find anyone more dedicated or more passionate about what he was doing,”

All board members approved the motion to develop the sign and conduct a ceremony to dedicate the fire hall in Brown’s memory. No details have been announced as to the specifics of the sign, ceremony, or timeframe in which any information will be developed or released.