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Stop N Go Fined, Employee Case Dismissed

Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 at 2:04 pm


For their first offense, Whitwell’s Stop N Go Tobacco and Beverage World has been fined $500 by the city and the employee, Dushyantkumar Patel’s case dismissed for selling alcohol to a minor.

After more than four separate incidents of minors in possession and intoxication occurred and one in which several minors were injured in a traffic accident on their graduation night a compliance check of all stores holding a liquor license was completed. Dushyantkumar, an employee of the Stop N Go, failed the compliance check after he did not ask the undercover minor for identification. Dushyantkumar was cited by Whitwell Police Department and appeared in General Sessions Court on September 13 in Jasper.

The owner of the business at 13115 TN-28, Rakeshkumar Patel appeared before the Whitwell Beer and Liquor Board on August 24, accompanied by Dushyantkumar. The board fined Rakeshkumar $500 for the offense but did not suspended sale privileges.

Rakeshkumar stated to the board that new trainings are ongoing and being implemented by all employees going forward. Dushyantkumar reportedly repeated this during his court date after which his case was dismissed.

City Attorney Sarah Bible is in the process of drafting the paperwork necessary to be served to Rakeshkumar after which he will be required to pay the fine. Rakeshkumar reportedly stated he would pay the fine immediately upon receiving the paperwork. The paperwork will include a written account of the events that transpired and the decision made at the meeting. Rakeshkumar was warned that repeated offenses will lead to “necessary and appropriate actions at that time,” as described by City Manager Lonnie Cleek.

The Marion Tribune – September 21, 2023