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Ordinance changes in Jasper

Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 12:25 pm


On January 9 the town of Jasper aldermen and mayor met for the monthly meeting, among the agenda included three ordinance changes for amendments in town.

The three ordinances were names as follows:

“Ordinance 431 – Amending the Zoning Ordinances to Remove & Add Provisions for Self-Storage & Mini Storage Warehousing

Ordinance 432 – Amending the Zoning Ordinances to Create Campground Regulations

Ordinance 433 – Regarding Maximum Number of Liquor Licenses Issued in the Town”

The public hearing segment of the meeting aimed to encourage public commentary and questions, providing an opportunity for the board to offer information and explanations regarding the ordinances.

Ordinance 431 was described as amending a zone for a specified area. During the meeting a property owner voiced his concerns regarding his recently acquired property. The currently rated C2 property borders another rated I2, which as Mayor Jason Turner explained, would allow the owner to change at a later date if so desired.

According to the General Zoning Classifications C2 is designated for local business commercial districts, intended for retail, consumer service, financial, restaurant, and office uses. What does I2 classify?

The property owner expressed to Mayor Turner that he is currently deliberating on potential uses of the plot of land and brought it to the rest of the board’s attention. The proprietor retains the option to maintain the current property rating. However, if he opts to proceed with establishing a storage facility (industrial rating), he can initiate the process by petitioning for a rezoning through the Planning Commission. Mayor Turner emphasized that, given the property’s adjacency to an I2 zone, any such change would not be classified as “spot zoning.” This clarification was corroborated by City Attorney Raines.

Ordinance 432 aims to allow the development of campgrounds within city limits following the standards created by the planning commission. Upon the landowners of the open area around the ridge behind the Sizz approaching the planning commission with the interest to develop a campground, it was found no regulations existed surrounding campgrounds within city limits.

The standards and rules were approved by the board at the December 11 meeting. These rules encompass various aspects, setting restrictions on the duration of stays, defining road size requirements, specifying provisions for sanitary facilities, and regulating the disposal of trash. There were no additional comments made regarding this ordinance.

Ordinance 433 pertains to the maximum number of liquor licenses that can be issued in the town. The current limit is designated as two, Attorney Raines explained this is a municipality ordinance that was approved by a previous board but no discernable reason can be tracked to support the decision. This ordinance was brought to the board’s attention by a business owner looking to build outside Kimball. The question was raised to Jasper’s officials as other municipalities do not have such a mandate or have a higher one.

Upon Mayor Turner’s request, Attorney Raines conducted an investigation, revealing that the town possesses the authority to regulate and restrict the number of licenses issued. However, Raines emphasized that sales and purchases fall under state regulations, constituting separate rules. Notably, one provision will stipulate that an individual cannot own more than 50% of the total licenses in a town.

All three amendments were approved unanimously by the board. 431 was first motioned for approval by Vice Mayor Les Price and seconded by Alderwoman Vikki Morgan. 432’s first motion was by Alderman Jim Fowler and the second motion by Alderwoman Morgan. Finally 433 first motioned by Alderman Fowler and seconded by Alderwoman Morgan.

The Marion Tribune – January 25, 2024