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Officers Honored For Exemplary Action

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 1:20 pm


Two local heroes, Officers Chris Davis and Lexie McNabb, were honored at the South Pittsburg City Meeting for their extraordinary actions on August 31st.

On that fateful day, these dedicated officers responded to a heart-pounding emergency call. Their quick thinking and remarkable composure not only saved the day but also brought a new life into the world.

The call came in as an urgent situation with a mother in labor, and Officers Davis and McNabb rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, they found a woman in distress, about to give birth. Without hesitation, these brave officers sprang into action. They provided immediate assistance, ensuring a safe and successful delivery of a beautiful baby girl. Their calm demeanor and professionalism in the face of this high-stress situation were nothing short of heroic.

Their exceptional response to such a difficult scenario didn’t go unnoticed. Police Chief Wayne Jordan brought the officers’ actions to the city board’s attention and presented awards to them in front of the community. Along with the police department, they came together to honor Officers Davis and McNabb for their remarkable service. Their actions serve as a shining example of the dedication and courage our law enforcement officers display every day, making our community a safer and better place.

The Marion Tribune – October 12, 2023