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Mullins Cove water line extension bid accepted

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 2:31 pm


During the October 23 County Commissioners meeting, Attorney William Gouger Jr. read Mayor Jackson’s office report in his absence, among them the bids and recommendation for the Mullins Cove water line extension.

Three competitive bids were submitted for the project, demonstrating the high interest in this development. Green Brothers Construction proposed the highest bid at $4,997,020. Following that, Forest Brothers Excavating submitted a bid of $1,610,154, and B&P Plumbing and Heating offered a bid of $3,300,000.

Gouger advised there were a number of reasons that the Norris Brothers Excavating could not be recommended, however, he did not divulge those reasons during the meeting as to why this was the case and what precisely it entailed.

Despite the deliberations, Gouger advised it was Mayor Jackson’s recommendation to accept the bid presented by B&P Plumbing and Heating to undertake the water line extension project. The decision was met with unanimous approval from the board.

The Marion Tribune – November 9, 2023