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MCSD urges kindness and issues reminder for anti-bullying in the New Year

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 3:00 pm


In a recent Facebook post, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) reminded the community to emphasize the need to promote kindness, especially in addressing bullying, urging parents to initiate conversations with their children and prioritize acts of compassion as they begin the new year.

The department underscored the role of empathy in understanding the struggles of others, emphasizing that circumstances or situations may not always be apparent. The central message is a call for kindness as a powerful antidote to bullying, reminding everyone to treat others with the same respect they would expect for themselves.

As the new year commences, Marion County residents are urged to join together and support the community as well as the schoolchildren, in creating a community where kindness prevails.

The Marion Tribune – January 4, 2024