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MCBOE addresses questions regarding policy changes

Posted on Friday, March 15, 2024 at 8:30 am





The Marion County Board of Education called agenda items J, R, and AA for further discussion before approval at their monthly meeting.

Donna Blansett and Bo Nunley requested more information regarding items J and R. The discussion for agenda item J was an amendment to board policy 3.206, titled “Community Use of School Facilities.” Blansett summarized the item, explaining that the policy allows anyone to use the facilities if they are charged a reasonable fee for cleanup and if a school employee is present. Dr. Mark Griffith confirmed Blansett’s understanding.

The conversation covered issues related to the Rec League basketball and instances of doors being left open. Dr. Griffith emphasized that similar problems had arisen with other groups requesting to use the building outside the Marion County School System (MCHS). Blansett clarified that the cleaning charge was intended to cover custodial expenses. Dr. Griffith explained that groups had been charged for custodial cleaning before, with the funds not exceeding the cost of the service. Blansett also inquired about the process for approval, confirming that the principal of the school would need to approve the request before the board could consider it, particularly for individuals not affiliated with MCHS, to which Dr. Griffith confirmed Blansett’s understanding.

Dr. Griffith clarified that the proposed policy update is not a new policy but rather an amendment to an existing one. Attorney Marshall Raines further explained that the review of the current policy was prompted by a request to use the facilities. It was also clarified that individuals making such requests would need to carry liability insurance, with the requester being the primary policyholder and the school being the secondary.

Additional discussions ensued regarding the possibility of waiving the fee in certain instances. Dr. Griffith advised that the board could decide on a case-by-case basis whether to waive the fee. He emphasized that regardless of whether the fee is waived, the board would still need to compensate the custodians for cleanup services.

The discussion for agenda item R was requested to approve “Change order with Tri-Con, Inc. for the new Jasper Middle School.” Four change orders totaling $341,585 were requested for approval, and the funds for these orders will be drawn from the discretionary fund allocated for future orders. Dr. Griffith declined to disclose the remaining amount in the fund on record. However, he assured that there is still a substantial amount of money left over from the county. Additionally, he confirmed that the board would not need to revisit the budget to complete the project.

Another item called for discussion was AA, a request for approval of “Bid from Window Film Depot for Window Security Film for All Schools Except the Old Jasper Middle School.”

Linda Hooper called agenda item AA for discussion and voiced her concerns regarding the teacher’s ability to view out through the windows, as indicated by the fire marshal. Dr. Griffith clarified that the concerns were related to the clear film proposed for the windows, which would allow teachers to see outside but prevent anyone from seeing into the classroom. Dr. Griffith requested the board’s approval for the recommendations, pending conversations with the state fire marshal’s office to approve the use of the one-way viewing film. He emphasized that the bids for the film would expire if not approved. The bulletproof and shatterproof film is a new mandate from administrations in Nashville and is being implemented statewide to cover exterior glass panels only. The board came to a consensus that they would approve with the understanding that the fire marshal’s report would come later to determine what film would be used.

The board members unanimously approved the agenda.

The Marion Tribune – March 14, 2024