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Mayor’s roadwork plan enhances city infrastructure

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 2:42 pm


In an ambitious endeavor to elevate the city’s infrastructure, Mayor Jason Turner presented an insightful roadwork report at the October 9 city meeting.

The ongoing road work is not merely routine maintenance; it’s a testament to the mayor’s dedication being invested in Jasper, distinguishing it from past efforts. Addressing the pressing need for road repaving, Mayor Turner emphasized the importance of doing it right, even if it takes a little extra time and effort. A key improvement strategy involves raising manholes to prevent the road from being paved over them, a mistake that occurred in the past. This innovative approach ensures continued access to the city’s sewer system and manholes without the need to tear up newly paved roads. As of now, this meticulous process has been applied to roads like Poplar Street, Industrial Blvd, and Betty Square.

Mayor Turner’s unwavering commitment to the citizens and prudent use of taxpayer funds is evident in this roadwork initiative. As he put it, “We’re doing it the right way.” This commitment to quality has led to identifying and correcting past errors. For example, one incident revealed that a sewer line was not the proper type for its depth. To proceed with roadwork, the sewer line had to be redone correctly. This extra effort resulted in a road and sewer line that will function better than ever before.

By taking the time to address these critical network issues with a focus on quality, Mayor Turner is not only ensuring safer, more reliable roads but also enhancing the city’s overall civic amenities. This commitment to the well-being of the city and its residents reflects a progressive approach to utilizing taxpayer money efficiently and maintaining the city’s status as a thriving and well-kept community.

The Marion Tribune – November 9, 2023