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Letters To Santa

Posted on Friday, March 15, 2024 at 2:03 pm

We asked 3rd graders in Marion County the following question adn here is their responses in their own words.

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. For Christmas I would like:


Monteagle Elementary School

Kyazleigh C. – skincare, puppy, kitten, mini brans, fashion, money, $70 dollars, hang out with freinds and family, ferrit, watch a movie at Emey’s house. Bord games, card games, blankets, robux

Ella C. – I love Christmas of Christmas chir and Jeses birthday. I love my elf and  I,m thaking of a hoverboard I have more than gho.

Arian C. – pokemon legengceus be cause it looks fun. I want pokemon cord be ause I want to share them with my borther. I want new shoes because mine sack now…

Emery G. – skincare, mini fashion, real littels, snow globes, hang out with freinds and family, to be healthy, and for my family to be happy. Of course a ferrit. I will love and charish theese items thank you! <3

Charli P. – What I would like for Christmas is for my little sister to have a good Christmas. I would like goldin Pokemon cards. I would like a PS5 whith that Spiderman game whith Venom.

Braylen C. – A bunch of nerf guns. I would like a pokemon binder.

Britteny L. – i would like to have robux. and new phone and cat stuff. Last but not least is intendo switch.

Aaron H. – A lego set, a lizard, turtle, ps4, nintedo switch. Parrot, snake (Rattlesnake) Black mamba (snake). VR head set, phone, trantla and a lot more.

Bryce K. – a nice Christmas and to have love all around me. I would like a RC car for christmas. I would like the love of god and Jeses. I would like a good Christmas to all of the other faimlys. I love god and Jeses.

Axtyn W.– the old chresher’x becus it byings me Joy. and I would like for my famuy to fav a goed Crismus and a good time. Crismus is good.

Tristan P – a ps5 becus I nevr had a ps5 and i uish to haz a ps5 I uish for a shac for me. I uish for god to come bac to his wrld.

Brooklyn S. – a capebara because thay are so cute. I would also like a dimond art painting. I would like some pokemon cards. I want a PS5 So I can play whith my friends. I want some sticers so I can give to my class and that is all I want.

Ayden A. – A puppy because it is cute. A dart bord I can chalang mi sister. Oso som boots. A xbox kord so I kan play mix box. A gon to go huting.

Sean N. – a dirt bike. Book kut jeens. A cros neklase to show that I love god. A car hart jaket. Hunting gluvs to go hunting.

Joshua W. – I want a grave digger trax be cause it is fun and a ps5 and PS100 I want the PS100 and my sister wants a PS5.

Sophia R. – A capybara! Also a PS5. I wont a Litl baby doll that can fit in your hand. I wont 5 hole sets of clothing shos and all pls. I wont a boy doll.

Brynlee A. – A capybara and a IPhone 5 Pro max. I also want a lot of robux, so I can change my avatar. And I want a unlimited debit card. And new Pinkdunks with with some new clothes a makeup and skincare set pls.

Kierslyn N. – (presents) a playstaition, white crocs, makup, skincare, more clothes, butterfly shorts, platform uggs, (someone to train my dog) mose likely needed (tall black and white socks. (stocking stuffers) candy pls.

Aubree B. – a big huge bear and a my melody note book. and please give my chikens. and a paret. Oh i want a elf pet please and led pencils.

Conner G. – I wont a ps4 and a nitindowhich anda

Lucas F. – I want a ps5 and a vr headset. I also want a Rattlesnake, skunk, king Cobra.


Richard Hardy Memorial School

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. For Christmas I would like:

Oeshaun – xbox gift card 50$, new head set, collectibles, direy books, new controler, rolblox gift card 50$, Fortnite gift card, family

Khloe – realistic girl baby doll, barbie’s, barbie furniture, barbie car, stuff for the baby to live, squishmellows, mini brands, baby doll crib, high chair.

Zaria – phone, four wheeler, uggs, nike socks, Stanley cup

Kashlyn – house, buble skin care, computer, pillow fluf, desk white, clear organisers

Violet R. – Miyoni plushes, miniverses, legos, craft stuff, books, I pad, shelf for my paper dragons.

Robert – football, citin, silver cup, lihttedeyber, blue ben bag

McKenleigh – Art book with coler pens, 3D dragon, led light’s, plant stuff, desk pet’es, polaroid camera, Idk, Idk

Sophia T. – mony, squish mellow, mini brand, room décor, cloces, baby cat please

Zeeyh (?) – toy bigtrucks, computer, train, toycars, toy pepal, A Sweter, toy bilder stuff, stuff for Budy and Sprinkles

Kovoh (?)– lots of miniverses, same mug I got for my birthday, slime, hug massager

Sky – Family to be happier. V.R. Set, squish mellows, slime, iPhone 15, ice skates, lipgloss

Serym(?) – ipade, applpen, a kettens, a miney frig

Mary – cat squishmallow, realistic baby doll, Grinch squishmallow, cookie slime

Heidi E. – tiny car my size pink, heely’s shoes. Dance out fit.

Aspen – Avtar ciesnh, 15 more iPhone 15, hotwhells 2 pack 16 corling book


South Pittsburg Elementary School

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. For Christmas I would like:

Antoine R. – A Drone and a iphone 15 mini a note control car spider man two V bucks and Robux. Laser tag Nike socks. And every body have a good Christmas

Bryson S. – A signed football by elfy the elf and a freind and a santa plushy and a sub for Ms. Long and a ps5 and a bow for my cat and croks.

Jaxon W. – family, computer, everyone tohav amerry chrutmas a good Christmas Nintendo game cards.

Zyrus – is a ps5 vbuck all of you have a good chrimas a dog all nike fit iphone.

Braxton M. – a xbox and a case for it that looks lik a nike box. And a new skooter cause a recked my. New shoes like jordans Cury’s. And a computer. And a happy Christmas whit my family.

Treelee M. – A hoverboard and computer and blue stanley cup

Kinley H. – pop its, iphone pro max, braces, my family, squihmallos.

Braylee – an e ntendo swich, a grinch dress, and a pj’s dress with a doll pj’s that are the same. Thank you!

Harleigh H. – A very small newborn puppy. A nerf gun. Please colored pencils. Can I have 30 squish mellows for the class. Can I please have 2 giant notebooks. Can I please have art supplies. And a computer gameing set. And a bunch of clothes.

Ronin B. – A knife, phone, playstation or Xbox, cologne, money, 30$ gift card or 50$ gift card and a good Christmas, and a hippopatamas.

Aczyn – psd’s madden 24 iphone 15.

Ares – a rc car a drone to have a good chrismas with my sister

Connor G. – A playrail Neville with his tender and two troubleson trucks. A tracmasher one duke with his tender. A good Christmas.

Ava – for everyone to have a good Christmas. <3

Zoey C. – Bulby skin care

Easton G. – a tablet, fortnite the game, pokemon cards baseballs, dinosaus, santa hat, legos, magnatiles, $159, fun, 4 tickets to 2024 nashville Tim Mcgraw concert.

KJ K. <3 <3 – A puppy and a Pony and a PS5 and A My Room To Be CANDY Land and I want Rudof and 2 BaBy Dalls and snow and candy canes.

Noa R. – A lego drink truck, a lego Passenger Plane, a lego Skate Park.

Raimee – These 6 things please: 1: How to cook set 2: cat Lego’s. 3: Dragon Legs: 4: Balata: 5: white gold hoops: 6: my steft in stokings. Thank you!

Zavien – S. – Dear santa can I have a playstaison a fortnite poster and a Phone.

Dakota B. – A skotburb and A burtbiyk And A panten set.

Ali H. – madden PS4 drone electric scooter.

Kailyn.E – I would like for Christmas some Plado, cat Plushies that looks like cotten and boots, a bunch of candy, a night light unicorn.

Ayden. T – Labtop for stof ta Merry Chrismas ta Lego Set.

Charlie S. – A PuPPY, a hoverbaor, a computer, a tablet, a friend, a baby sister.

Eli T. – a PS5 a new dog 5 toys a cat and I want a new bed a really big bed. I asoe want $500 Dollars.

Zoey w. – Nike Socks. Bubble Skincare. Iphone 15, make up, nikes pro. Robux. Stanly real. nike pants, nike outfit, Blazers, nike shorts, Kane Brown concert. A lot of nike stuff. The last thing is Stich Stuff. I hope ever one was a happy Christmas.

Marrie W. – a iPhone 15 a iPhone 14 a Barbie Dream house With 200 Barbie Doll’s a Car When i turn 21 a Big house in 5 PuPPy’s

Takiya H. – a PS5, GTA, Madden 24, NBA 24, kobes, IPhone 15 ProMax.

Cashus C. – I want a Piano a Drone a chest bord Spiderman two Luigi Mansion 3 Vbycks and Kirby the forgotten land and Robux a memdership to Prodagy

Orin W. – imaginenext money pokemon cards a puzzle box to know avrething and a frind

Kamaro H. – Jorden 4’s and Basketball goal and a football.

Bella S. – Nike high tops BaBy twin Boy girl 100 Billion sqush mellows and a phone everything nike cloths Bubble skincare

Whitwell Elementary School

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. For Christmas I would like:

Chanley L. – A phone, phone case, Squshmellow, puppy, soft blanket, pants, socks, pillow, shoes, a stanley water botel, a new baslit set, a new maching set with adaley Long and Kira Hicks pajamas.

Brooklyn S. – makeup and a stanley cup. I would like books about lainey willson. I would like lainey willson posters. I would like cowgirl hats and bellboddoms.

Tilly B. – a labtop and a phone. A wach to play games. An apale pen to my Ipad. Miney frig. Some smelly pens. Real BaBy Doll and a crib. thats all.

Axton – A Vr Headset and a chest pad for it. i want A Sniper rifle where i can go deer hunting with my dad.

Bryson R. – Dirtbike gear, legos, nerf guns, puppies and a pare collectable. And go ice skating, spend time with family.

Kynlee C. – sky dog plush, conputer, animal toy figurines, Bobcat costume and a German shepard. Giant Black Lab plush Giant Siberian Husky

Paxton D. – I would like a nightmare bonny funko snap. I want a black phone case. I would like game 1 through 6 fnafs games. I would like a fnafs blanket and a fnafs stuffed animal.

Gavin G. – 500$ – bean bag – tv – stg waffffles – syrup

Lucas E. – A ordeagun. A bunch of hunting stuf. my papa’s ankle’s to fill beter. also a ipad. and guitar hero. and a x-box

Aiden W. – The quest 3. I want the IPhone 15 Pro max. want a working lava lamp. 2,00,000 kitkat, I want a kity cat. 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, MnM’s. (He wrote “HI MOM” on the back)

Isaac P. – a nerf gun I also want a bike for Christmas. I want my last present to be new clothes and socks.

Easton P. – a Super Soaker because i want to have fun with my family. A PS5 so i can plan with my dad and friends. and a xbox searies X. thank you Santa

Liam L. – a GameCube because it would be fun to play with my sister. I also want a VR headset called MedaQuest 3. Thank you Santa!

Isaac M. – chan LEGO TITANIC. chafe. Desk. A BACKPACK. a cnon that has a coma. a ckichne set with a ckasker cher and mine and sis and fab. bish is afun.

Cay Sia W. C. – a yorkie for my dog. A frind ship brlaceskit.

Adriana – I what for Christmas is a huscke and a Jarden to be Nr baxben and a fallhiher and a dutbicke

Daniel S. – rc car logo’s hot wheel a nerf gun with ammo toy gun’s That will do it.

Trace – meta quest a PS5 a PC

Copeland M. – a four weeler, ocules, Slushy cup, a lot of money.

Sara H. – A train and play deluxe pikachu. Some Nintendo games like Luigi’s mansion, and pikmin U. Some Nicole Jackline slime.

Ethan R. – Funko FNaF Shadow Freddy plush, a training bow and arrow, Funko FNaF cupcake plush, The Hunger Games Balled of Songbirds and Snakes book.

Chloe L. – a pug. and a Now softball case. and a camer that fer to gerfers yoos. a big pin. a big pinsall. hansanuatisaer. makeup. red lipstick. scinceir. pinsall sharpener pins. laptop case. a stanley cup. markirs for white bords.

Brayden P. – Brio tow teruk. Brio crstucing. Brio cran. Farmingsim. Guitar soper mairo macer 2.

Ryker R. – A lego Minecraft treehouse and a lego star wars lego set. I also want some blue ear buds.

AllyJo F. – A colerd basketballs, barbe dolls, make up, ballerina, a hors that you can ride on in the hous, a unicycle and a elephant remote conteroll.

Ryder t. – a quest 3 and Five Nights at freddys plushies, but I Want the quest 3 more.

Brayln – The hole press start colecson, uv pen, stuf stich. The afishall Joke book of Minecraft and a sires x xbox

Jack V. – I want a lavalamp. I want a nthor elf. I want legos. I want a gant milky way. I want Shadow back.

Garrett – A ps5 I would like one more elf and a uv pen.

Molly H. <3 – glue on nail’s, makeup, skincare, nike-shoes/more shoe’s, lego’s, slimeatory Slime kit whith everything in it, a for adley merch and , barbie pja’s/shirt’s/short’s/pant’s. ohohoh and a pop soket for when I get a phone/color blue/teal or turquoise. have a Merry christmas and a Holly Jolly day.

Raelynn – a fourweeler. A oqulus. A dertBike. A StanlY. A littel StanlY. A iPhone 15. A real life BaBY Doll. A PlaY house. A PuPPY Dog. A Stich BACKPAKE. A BasketBall. A BaSKet Ball houp. A Lot of Squshes. A PS5.

McKenzie <3 – I want a puppy and makeup and clows Boots and a pilowe and a blankit and a whiteboard and a fone haneinser stikers and a walter botl caleringbooks.

Chris S. – To Fibe the homeless and halp people in nid and for me I gust wot me family to bey hapiy for Christmas.

Hunter K. – I would like a popsocket, phone, vr, luck, one morn elf, anb a case

Kylee C. – Some stuffed animal’s. A new phone. And a popsacket. Candel. A calender. A Phone case. and some new book’s.

Destiny H. – a jymnastic Bars, beam, liatar also prunk elephant skincare, Bubble skincare, i pad, apple pin, Nike shoes white, jymnasic mat, ripted blue jeans and 1,00000 robux gift card.

Jacy G <3 – a stuft black cat and allsow a real black cat and the black cats name is giggls and a real dog his name is homer and a uv pin.

Jaelyn d. – A Hoverboard. Skateboard, Nitendo, Stich water bottle Stich backpack Stich painting and a Stich Chrismas tree and a cutem stich Laptop a magic Paw a saxophone Stich pen.

Jayden W – a vr pad. and a tv fore miy vr.

Amarae – A knew Phone, a laptop, camera, softball Phone case, handsanitizer. scien care, Pens, Paint, laPtoP case, Stickers, Presents. a white board, candy. markers, beanbag, necklace, The best life.

AlbeRT – a benlo watch and I would like a VR head set and I want MY PaRinTs To geT a PResenT I WanT To geT Thim all The PResenT TheY WanTed wen TheY weR a kid

Chevy G. – a hot weels and a hot weels garage set and a robot day cando fangs dat i can do and a off road skateboard and a arc and a Lab beast.

Wyatt L. – A laptop and a now xbox controller and vbux for my xbox and a iphone 12. A ps5 and pokemon cards a skateboard a bike a drtbike and a snake and a more vbux.

Atticus – lamborgeinie and a gold watch.

Gunner H. – a hoverboard, also a Sohoodie. I also want a puppy, a Justin Jefferson jersey, a Jalen Hurts jersey, and a Justin Herbert jersey. Thank you!

Tayven N. – a xbox controller with a face of a tiger on the front. I want red and white W on the back

Ilias – Lego star ware i bot cr rich won. and a VR sat. and A PS5. and A harry potter Acpion Figyour.

Keira H. – A new puppy, legos, a stanley, bracelet kit, maching pajamas set and brush.

Levi – A Xbox 1 games because I have 3 Xbox 1 games, A Nuke. A iPhone. KitKat candy. A snake. Real stich.

Joseph W. – I want a Nurf gun for christmus and 3 Lego sets and. 4 Bags of gum for christmus a vr HaDsat for christmus and a Dog for christmus

Jayden M – Madden 24 ps4 and a faze clan hoodie and a gold chain that has the number 2 on the gold chain.

Amelia A. – Nintenoswich light. Bluey toy’s. A for Adley toy’s. Bubble skin care. Druke elephant skin care. Barbie. LOL’s. Lego’s. Skin Care Head band’s.

Carson – i would like a VR head set to play VR roblox and a wings of fire book collection nerf guns and roblox toys and conputer for games.

John G. – A pc, Legos, modol trans, x box games, xbox controler ar soft sniper rifel, pant ball gear, Koal, heles, and give all of the homeless food water and presints.

Kamden R. – I want a phone and tech deck Diary of Wimpy Kid and a baby kitten a girl one and Whitwell tiger hoodie and ring and chad stay here for the rest of the year and have a good christmas.

Abram M. – A vr headsed, pokemon Lego sets and cards, 50 gaint Legos, A new x-box controller, a nurf gun, some pokemon plushies, diomonds, and a box of crystals

Madison L. – Plushies because they are fun to play with. Markers pencils and paper and jackets and a gem the markers and paper is for drawing with. thank you, Santa Sincerely Madison.

Abby – a baby Golden retreaver. and I want a iPhone 14 and I want Nezuko to come to life be cause i want her to be my friend. and i want a shugar dady – the candy.

Noah B. – A memerie box. A toy monster truck. New pjamas and new clothes. Some new board games. And a diary.

Jace Pae (?) – A catnap plush. A Spongbob Playset. Some legos. A dog day plush. A hapey hopscotch plush.

Ellyonna H. – A Switch. A Macbook from Apple. A PS5. A bitzy. Mini brands a lot. Mini brands Shoping Store.

JayLee S. – some mackup for christmas and I would lick some slipers for christomas and a rabe. And some nuth guns and bolluts and a phon. I Love christmas.

Paisley H. – Robux, play food, a play kitchen set.

Josh – a toy snier


Jasper Elementary School

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. For Christmas I would like:

Aubree – Hello Santa how are you? I’ve been a good by asking “are you ok?”. I really want pup a crib. May you do that? Have a safe flight.

Maxwell U. – 1. a Kansas city chiefs jersey 2. a air up water bottle 3. a one wheel 4. a dirtbike 5. sun glasses 6. a buck knife 7. a flashlight 8. a wallet

Jude – How are you and Mrs. claus this year? santa I don’t want anything for christmas all I want is to let my family to have the best christmas ever. Thank you santa. And tell mrs. claus Merry christmas.

Brylen – How are you doing? I told my sister sorye whin I hit her. May I please have a ps5? Merry Christmas.

Kayden – Hi Santa how are you? may i have a bmx bike pls and how are the elfs?

Addy S. – A easy bake oven maybe some skinkar and cute frog stikers and a pink stanly and a green stanly.

Ethan H. – How are you doing Santa? Are you ready for your trip? I have ben good this year by being kind to other and doing my homework. For christmas this year I would like a playstation 5. I hope you have a good christmas this year Santa.

Kylan B. – a new ps5 and new hoverboard. A black pair of Jordans and a iphone 15 I have the 13 but 15 is cooler. the last thing is candy.

Jessalyn G. – How are you doing today? I helped my mom clean the house a lot lately. Know it is a lot but I want a locket with my uncall Bob in it because he died and I miss him.

Serenity – For my dad to make it to Christmas And my brother and my sister. I have not seen them in 4 years I miss them so much.

Bentley – Can I ples have a now sablet and a now laptop and now elfs and a now bwast.

Ansleigh R. – Hi Santa I am Ansleigh I want a iphone 15 pro max, bed cover LEd lights and a baby cat, Stanly, cat toy

Easton – 1. Ocules battery band 2. Ocules box 3. Smashers 4. Shiny rocks 5. crismas tree skin in gridle tag 6. ocals game 7. beast lab 8. beast lab

Michael – a nintendo switch a spiderman game disc for my xbox. I hot weels playset. and that will be it. and a mario kart game.

Alux P. – a corrudty 2 rc car. I cassic wolad evoluton 2 dominon game pass pack, that is all i want for christmas.

Bryson – a foxy costume, a foxy plushie, and a harry potter wand. you’re the Best.

Camden – To have a ps5 with the Spiter-man 2 game. And I want a box of sined football cards. And a poster. A ps5 25$ gift card and a 25$ xbox gift card. I think that you are the best person ever.

ChristiaN – A VR Headset, perry the platypus and an iPhone 15.

Alyssa B. – Artset Dog treat maker braclet kit and a soft blanket That is all I want for x-Mas.

Isaiah – a Nintendo Switch and a xbox and a iPhone 15 then a squish mallow and a apple whatch.

Gordon B. – .Yo Yo. PS5. Batman Action figture. A pet puppy. dirt bike. Last a remote control car.

Joshua M. – A new iPhone 14. Plushies. lankybox Plushies. squishmellows. dinosaurs. Slapbracelets

Cara S. – Lila (American girl). Lila’s horse. Passes to Dollywood and the Chattanooga Zoo. Taylor Swift album (Lover). Kavi (American girl). Nicki and Isabel (American girl). Clothes.

Taylor – An electric scooter, A christmas cup, An pair of christmas outfits, A new tablet and a lot of christmas stuff and a grinch pj,s.

Bailee f. – A new iphone and if you can get matching necklaces for me and my sister. swishmellows and a fidgets plus a my puppy house toy. A new camera too please!

Jayce Walls – I want a Go cart with Mortal Kombat I Along with a trampoline Bed.

Carsley W. – a DuneBUGGY that Drives. And a Little ATV that really Drives too. And 2 LeGendary Pairs of Nikes. OK thats all!!

Cady (?) K. – A basketball and I love basketball. left a note with my elf and ask can I have an elf pet? May I have for my xbox if I get one.

Creek – A red nike tech suit, some new Jordon 1’s. a new monitor And a new txreck hilt jersey Also a new chain And a new Fortnite gift card.

SeraPhyna V. – guitar. guitar pick

Elliana T. – A baby doll, phone, dog, squish mellow, a baby brother and a bidzee. That is all I want for christmas.

Jase – Hi Santa. I have ben so very good. How are you doing? I would like a play station 5 for chrismas.

I would be very happy. can you git it for me pez?

Beckett – Legos, ps4 games, and a cursed Garfield plush.

Elijah – A iPhone 15 with a black case I wold like tw 13,500 v-bucks for my Fortnigh game. Finally I would like a nerf guns and red Jordan shoes.

Isaiah – have a good day santa i help My MoM out My MoM whit Chores. can i please have a Nerf gun? have a good day. good day.

Elliana – FNAF stuff, a drumset or a guitar, and every color of Paint.

Mia – A dog, Money, and shoes.

Evan – A Meda quest 3, PC, New I Phone, Go Cart, Dirt bike, APPle watch, PS5, And OCUlUS AtachMents.

MaKayLa – I would like a phone folder too. I want a puppy and a 50$ of a walmart gift card.

ZePhen – A 70$ xbox gift card and a new water bottle.

Margie H. – Pink slipers, blue tennis shoes, Nintnedo switch, stickers, iphone 3, l.e.d lights, pink headphones, makeup, stuffed puppy, frog squishmallow, a sweatshirt that has my name on it and a cat.

avery – How are the reindeer? I have been good helping My mom take care of my nephew. May I please have a laptop? Merry christmas santa have a safe trip.

Luke – Floriday gators Football Jersey, gaming PC, a ring, Bean Bag, grizzly Bear poster, gaming Light, Mario MushroM crock, BiBle, a Red Pencil, christmas Erasers, Gta5 online, 74 Billion dollars!

Alekko – All of each type of Mr. Beast Bars. A Nintendo controler, 4-weeled Heeleys and a TV.

Carter – A Rc monstertruck and a Rc Lambourgini.

Cameron – I want a xbox 5, and a football, and a roven stuffed animal.

Madison – A tiny Back Pack toy, tiny squisamllow, new Phone, new iPad new computer and new claw machine.

Rowan – .I would want a stuffed football player. A pedal cart. Madden 24.

Maddie – How are you doing? I would like a IPad, aPPle Pen Please I’ve been really good this year by helping My friend finding her Phone. Merry Christmas.

Sophia – I want sweaters and I’d also Lik a silver Necklece and Myenisels and a silver ring I hope you have a great Christmas.

Harper S. – A reborn baby doll + preemie clothes, makeup, sweaters, athletic black pants. I would also like some water bottle stickers, and white and black nike’s can I have a baby pig? These are some of the things I would like for Christmas.

Blakeleigh – Hi Santa how have you been? I’ve been helping my mom and around the house. Santa may I please have a dinosaur pilow? I hope you’re alright. I hope everybody’s doing alright. I hope you have a merry Christmas. Tell Mrs. Claus that I said hi.

Jaxson B. – A PS5, TMNT Sewerset, Riggy, Jax and a Ponni Plush, Splinter TMNT action figure. The SuPerfly action figure. Scumbug action figure. The genesis frog action figure. Wingnut action figure. mondo gecko action figure.

Karson T. – A Jamarr chase signed card. A aiden Hutchinson Jersey. A Hendon Hooker Jersey. A signed Jalin Hyatt Jersey. A Joe Burrow Signed LSU card. Trey Hendrickson Jersey

Xaiden A. – I want a PS5 and a new and the new x Box and some new dog toys for my dog

Channing – A VR so I can PlaY, and some money so I can get v-buks, and I would like a RC car to PlaY With.

Gabe – a canvas, a canvas holder, paint, and a piant brush.

Braleigh – virtual reality set peachybbies slime disney doorables.

Kenley – A Stanle so I can drank out of it. A per of ugg’s so I can wer them to school. The blond Brat’s doll Khloe.

Layne – A VR, a few legos, and maybe a new xbox. I do not need to get that but I would like at least on or two of those The only thing I do not want to get is cool.

Paisley N. – A RoBot Dog, a few squish mallows, A new Bike, A Furby, Clothes and Shoes a BiBle, BiBle Bag, and BiBle Book marks, American Girl Doll clothes, newborn BaBy Doll, Books, Legos and a BarBie, Stanley, fanny Pack!

Chloe – A pink laptop, a mushrum lamp, a pink beanbag, pocket wach, hand fan, clothes, shoes, makeup, blanket, and water dottl

Avery – a giant box of Legos a new x-box controller and Mario Wonder the video game.

Leia – 1. a realistic baby doll 2. a iPhone 3. a cactus green stanley 4. a cactus topper for my Stanley 5. some stickers for my cup 6. white Nike shoes 7. a squirt bottle 8. 3 boxes of christmas tree cookies

Payslee D. – How are your elves? I have helped clean the house. May I Please have a hoverboard? Merrry christmas!.

Knox – a vr Quest 3 and the xbox 2 With a Fortnite Game. Finally a ps5 with a Spiderman 2 Game.

(no name signed) – Can I hav a chineese mask, a tail, and paint.

Major – I would like a nintedo switch and the tey rex thath is in wal-mart and a hand sat and a x-box and a otoidow swich.

Emerie T. – a PuPPy, a Stanley cuP, a Bitzee, a watch, a Backpack, a squishmallow, and for my family to be happy.

Memphis S. – Softball decorations, LOL’s, candy, Rainbow high dolls, and squishmallows that is it Merry christmas and happy New year!

Fisher W. – Haunted Mansion Lego Set lantern for camping Lego people for the Haunted Mansion.

Ava B. – A hoverboard a pair of rollscats and skin care robucks, a Stanley and jewelry.

Maddox – How is your day? I have been good by spreading the joy. May I please have a good Christmas? Merry Christmas!

Colton – A ps5 so I can get marvel Spider-man 2. Some v-bucks for Fornite. A vr head set so I can play gorilla tag.

Ella – A elf pet reindeer, a set of huggers, and a toy Rudolf.

Eva – How are the elves? I have ben good this year by cleaning my room whith out being told. Have a jolly year!

(no name signed) – a camera, ugg boots, polymer clay, and a phone card.

Thunder – I want a Iphone. I want a Ipad. I want a Apple Watch. I want new art stuff. I want some books.

(no name signed) – How are you doing? I have cleend my house. May I please have a chromebook that bends bak and forth? Merry christmas!

Hunter B. – I want a toy car to play with my brother and a new blanket also a toy soldar and a little pilow and a squish melows and a toy erplain and also a toy basket ball hoop.

Braylon – I would like a ps5. Also I would like a black bike.

HCM (?) – A PS5, Madden 2024, and TeenMutantNingaTurle.

Zuri J – I want a toy festba for christmas. And then I want a ring holder. now I want a gost softball bat for christmas. now for christmas I want a American girl doll. now I want a watch.

(no name signed) – a VR head set, a computer, and the all new “Legends of Zelda switch controllers”.

Bayleigh C. – a New vanuty and a New fluffy blanket, and Room Decerashin. and Touchland HandSanatier.

Marshall – How are you doing? I have been very good this year ive ben doing the chores. May I please have Jordan 1 dors or pokeymon card’s? Merry Christmas. Santa

Addyson – My elf Plutow I miss him so much. I want him to go to my dad’s house. He is so silly I want him back.

Bentley B. – How are your raindeers? May I have a phone please? I helped my mom clean. Thank you santa clause! Merry christmas bye!!! <3 <3. I Love this holiday!

Liem (?) – 1. a puppy 2. All of the fnaf books 3. Security Breach

Aribelle – aphman plushy, at walmart a big cat that unspeacble has on sale. for Santa to leave. Mine Ice cream maker. Mine donut maker a butifull chrismas Dress.

Evan – A vr head set, big goo ji tzu hydra, A lab top, pokemon chapter book, 13,500 v bucks card, 1000 robux, turbo achilles Beyblade, The adomunus rex dino, water dragon lego set. Thank you santa

leah w. – butter slime kit Robux card nintindo swich a sqwish mellow ty so much <3.

AnnaBelle P. – A gumball machind, make up, digital pet, laptop, done whithacamera, cute stuffed animals, to send time whith my pawpaw.

Jenna – morechcanz allisoine more dalls and cane jelly stick and can you give me a puppy and some sallgups.

Marley M. – Sonic superstars I know its not on my list but I really do want it and I don’t really need a wireless controller so you can replace it for the game oh and a quest 2 so I can play Gorilla tag, Beatsab and many other cool games on the quest 2.

Ashley – a Snogley gerl elth and a Wednisday doll and som makope and a fone and soks and I wod like a tow robot with a rimot kin troll rodot and santa tell the elfs I seed thank you for everey fang you’r all the best merey Krismas.

Kaydon – to see my dadey a keyboard and movse and a xbox series x and a de su and some pase and vduks 13500

Cameron C. – I would like a golden watch. Dimond ring, golden neckless, p56 white and red jordens, Nicke pants.

Vanessa – Headbands, hairbows, stanley cup, love in the world.

Logan P. – socks, a phone more Prime ramen noodles a Ps5 more family time.

Olivia – A power pony hoverboard. 5 Cloud slimes neclaces, braclets, Jolly ranchers, 5 packs of gum, earings, a Stanley, electric skooter, a infity pencil, books, and a art kid. Thats all I want from Santa.

<3 Callie P. – Dear Santa I would like a power pony, slimes, eletric scooter, mini verse balls and my family.

The Marion Tribune – December 21, 2023