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Jasper’s Water System Gets a High-Tech Boost: Smart Fire Hydrants Roll Out

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 10:27 am


The latest update from the Mayor’s office revealed at the city meeting on October 9, that Jasper has become the first in the state to embrace the future with Smart Fire Hydrants.

This innovative technology promises to revolutionize water systems, with substantial benefits that include quicker leak detection, cost savings, and a more efficient network. A traditional fire hydrant can last up to half a century with proper care. With the addition of Smart Hydrants, boasting a battery life of five years, the city incorporates cutting-edge water management to optimize the allocation of taxpayer resources.

With an initial investment of approximately $3,500 per hydrant and nine total installations planned, the city is setting the stage for future water efficiency. Every five years, the battery replacement cost of a mere $40 per unit is a small price to pay for the ample savings and advantages. One Smart Hydrant has the ability to monitor the entire hydrant line, organized by zones. By detecting leaks quickly, they ensure not only water conservation but also protect the city’s finances. A recent incident, costing around $6,000, was a testament to the system’s efficacy. Had the leak continued unchecked, it could have been an almost million-dollar blunder.

The Smart Hydrants communicate via cellular service, using less data than a standard text message, at an annual cost to the city of less than $45 (excluding battery replacements). The first five years even come with complimentary coverage, securing Jasper’s water infrastructure for a sustainable and cost-efficient future.

As the last three installations approach, the city is poised to fully reap the benefits of this investment. The cost-effective battery replacements, the efficient monitoring of entire hydrant lines, and an reduction in costly incidents are all clear indicators that Jasper’s embrace of this technology is not only an intelligent move for today but a wise investment in the city’s water future. The journey towards a more sustainable, fiscally responsible, and resource-efficient future is well underway in Jasper.

The Marion Tribune – November 2, 2023