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Hazard Mitigation Plan

Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 12:21 pm


The time has come for the Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) of Marion County to be updated and the Emergency Management Agency is looking to the residents for direction.

The HMP aims to identify and propose strategies for safeguarding the community and increasing public awareness of its needs. Having a comprehensive plan is advantageous for the residents as it creates opportunities to enhance the county’s protection measures. Moreover, it enables the development of efficient plans tailored to address primary concerns in specific areas, facilitating a streamlined deployment of these measures.

Steve Lamb, EMA Director for Marion County, is working to update the HMP for the county. Lamb and his team are looking to receive as much public feedback as possible with a brief survey to gauge the opinions of the citizens. He has appeared at each of the city meetings to announce the survey and meeting to garner as much attention as possible to get the most accurate picture of the needs of the community.

Surveys are available at all city halls to fill out in person or can go online by scanning the pictured QR code, through this survey people have the ability to sign up for email notifications for future updates and meetings, however, Lamb stressed that it would not be a requirement.

Lamb proudly stated that the Interact Club has been involved in supporting the community by handing out the surveys at grocery stores. The operation’s primary goal is to “work for the people and are looking to make the best plan possible for the people,” Lamb stated.

The object of the plan is to specifically design the best HMP to benefit the county it is designed for. They may have as many hazards as necessary and can even be further catered to specific geographical locations such that each city may have a different need or primary need than another.

The survey has four simple multiple choice questions: residence, nearest community, whether or not it is the full time or part time residence, the four main hazards in the opinion of the surveyee, and how he/she receives emergency notifications. This is designed to give the most accurate view of the opinions in the communities.

Lamb will be picking the paper copies up from City Halls by March 2. At this time Lamb has advised the regular February meetings will be rescheduled for late March. This will allow ample time to review surveys and compile the best plans to discuss.

Contact Steve Lamb, EMA Director for Marion County, at (423) 605-1288 or, for any further questions or comments. Visit for information regarding dates of public meetings, forecasts, storm predictions, hazardous weather outlook, and preparedness links for the American Red Cross and the Center for Disease Control.

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