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Green Space Transformation: A concrete solution to a developing area

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 10:20 am

Current upgrade of the green space on the square.


In an exciting move to transform a beloved community space, on October 9 the mayor and alderman board of Jasper has recently approved bids for the installation of concrete in the green space.

Originally the space was a building site. However, when that building collapsed, the city cleared away the debris, allowing the area to return to its natural state. This condition has been preserved up to the present. However, the space has lingered in the minds of city officials with possibilities.

The town square is a community space that has long been a hub of activity and a gathering place for residents and visitors alike. The decision to cover the green space comes as a welcome solution to the ever-annoying menace of mud sinkholes that have become an all too familiar sight in this well-trodden area and developing an addition to the community space. Mayor Jason Turner even quipped about the “mud-covered shoes” as a testament, highlighting the space’s popularity. Moreover, the approved concrete slab will also serve as the groundwork for a proposed stage, recently submitted for the Tourism Enhancement Grant.

Three separate bids were reviewed by the city officials to ensure the best deal for their green space renovation. Copeland Development secured the winning bid at $35,000, while BK Construction presented a competitive offer at $47,900. Kane Industries, with a bid of $111,663, rounded out the list.

In addition to the concrete installation, the costs will also cover the replacement of deteriorating sidewalks, ultimately making the green space wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, the desire to incorporate memorial bricks, previously purchased, will add a heartwarming touch to this revitalized area.

Commissioner Vikki Morgan enthusiastically motioned for the approval of Copeland Development’s bid, which was seconded by another commissioner. The board’s unanimous approval of this bid signifies a significant step forward in enhancing this space to be cherished by the community.

While the timeline is ambitious, with the Halloween and Christmas festivities quickly approaching, Mayor Turner is confident that the work will be completed in time to welcome the holiday season. Even if the project isn’t entirely finished before the Jack-o-lantern Jamboree, the city assures that festivities will go on, with any remaining construction areas appropriately cordoned off. With these new concrete plans, officials are ensuring that an unused area will soon be more welcoming and resilient than ever before.

The Marion Tribune – November 2, 2023