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Food City Opening Delayed

Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 at 1:28 pm


Nearly a year ago at 514 Main Street in Kimball, TN construction began for a Food City but supply chain shortages have once again delayed the completion of construction and grand opening.

The 49,000 square foot retail supermarket was expected to open in the late summer of 2023. Despite now well entering fall, the building remains in limbo. Due to supply chain shortages the construction has continued to be delayed.

According to Mayor Rex Pesnell, this delay is largely attributed to a shortage of a specific electric component necessary to power the building. Without the electric component they are unable to proceed with the construction of the Food City and the opening has been delayed as a result.

The opening was originally delayed until November 8 but is now expected to stretch into 2024. No date has been set as the mayor stated they do not know when the parts will arrive.

Other concerns that have been impacted due to this delay are the plans to accommodate the influx of traffic outside the parking area coming into the city off Highway 64.

In addition to the store another plan, according to Mayor Pesnell, is to extend the highway road coming into Kimball. This road narrows from two lanes to one lane despite adequate space for two lanes. Mayor Pesnell has requested that the state widen this lane into two, making one of them a right turn only lane from the highway road past the cemetery turning into the parking lot.

Pesnell stated that both are pending resolutions and at an impasse with no defined timeline.

The Marion Tribune – September 21, 2023