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Envy Nutrition: A Tasty Twist in Kimball

Posted on Friday, February 23, 2024 at 12:02 pm


Kimball’s Envy Nutrition is making a triumphant return to the scene, boasting not only delicious drinks and tasty snacks but also a fresh face at the helm. Meet Anthony Roque, the new owner and a health enthusiast from Alabama.
Roque’s journey to ownership is a departure from his previous work as a CNC machinist. Driven by a passion for health, a desire to avoid unnecessary medication, and a love for the business, he took the plunge when the opportunity presented itself. Having personally experienced the benefits of Envy Nutrition’s offerings, he lost over 10 pounds in two months, coupled with increased energy, Roque personally asserts his testament to the effectiveness of the products.
In his personal testament, Roque cited the ethos, “Good and good for you” to underscore his commitment to prioritizing quality ingredients and essential vitamins in Envy Nutrition’s products. While not claiming expertise, he is motivated to instill healthy habits in his children and, by extension, the community, steering clear of chemicals and sugary indulgences.
Envy Nutrition, under Roque’s leadership, aims to go beyond being a refreshment spot. Fitness classes, yoga sessions, and regular exercise on Saturdays seek to foster community connections and keep the local populace active. Roque envisions organizing events to elucidate the nutritional value of their offerings and promote the business.
The menu at Envy Nutrition is as diverse as its owner’s background. From 15 grams of protein-packed coffee with 85 milligrams of caffeine to tea bombs with aloe and 21 vitamins and minerals, including B12, B6, and Vitamin C, the options are designed for both taste and health. Specialty teas, rich in 17 grams of protein, collagen, and biotin, offer an energy boost without the dreaded crash or jitters. Customization is key, with boba add-ins flavors ranging from mango to cherry or green apple.
The large menu of fun drinks and tasty snacks include holiday themed drink names and concoctions in addition to the staple one, customers are sure to find something they enjoy. For the recent Halloween holiday the team decorated the chalkboard menus with spooky icons of ghosts, pumpkins, and witch’s hats and more. The spooky and fall menus are available for a limited time like the ‘Day of the Dead,’ ‘Cozy Campfire,’ and ‘Venom.’ The bright drinks also come with handwritten motivational quotes on every cup.
For those who want to bring the Envy Nutrition experience home, products are available for purchase in store. The grand re-opening on October 25 marked the beginning of a promising chapter under Anthony Roque’s ownership, promising a healthier and more vibrant Envy Nutrition for the Kimball community.
The storefront is located at 355 Kimball Crossing Dr., Kimball, TN, United States, 37347. Contact (423) 403-7840 or for more information about Envy Nutrition.

*The Marion Tribune and Lakeway Publisher’s Inc. explicitly disclaim any assertion of specific health benefits associated with the consumption of Envy Nutrition drinks. The personal opinions articulated by Anthony Roque are solely his own and do not represent the stance of the entities mentioned. It is imperative to note that the products employed are not endorsed by the FDA for the treatment of any medical conditions or symptoms.

The Marion Tribune – November 23, 2023