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Developments unveiled at HVFD

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 3:27 pm


On January 8, Haletown Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) introduced two vital additions to the fleet of rescue efforts, the Brush 1 and Rescue 1, both aimed at enhancing services for Marion County.

The diligent efforts of Haletown’s volunteer firefighters are now evident as they introduce Brush 1 and Rescue 1. The ongoing dedication and unwavering commitment of the volunteers are evident in these enhancements, with a forward-looking approach to bolstering the existing team and welcoming future volunteers, all aimed at better supporting the community and its surroundings.

The new wildland firefighting marvel, Brush 1 is a powerhouse equipped with a skid unit generously donated by the Tennessee Department of Forestry. Boasting a 300-gallon tank and a 300 gallons-per-minute pump, Brush 1 is geared up for any wildland firefighting challenge. Packed with all the essential gear, the volunteers are well-prepared to combat future brush and wildland fires.

Rescue 1, the newly dedicated Rescue truck, is a specialized vehicle and comprehensive solution, equipped to handle extrications, HAZMAT situations, and water rescues. With Rescue 1 on standby, firefighters are equipped to respond effectively to a range of emergencies, ensuring the safety of the community.

These additions signify just a fraction of the hard work the HVFD is investing to safeguard all. The commitment to staying prepared and well-equipped is at the core of their mission. With the introduction and reveal of Brush 1 and Rescue 1, the HVFD would like to affirm their dedication to providing top-notch emergency services to Haletown and surrounding areas. Their motto on Facebook reads, “We are a dedicated family of brothers and sisters who come together with courage, honor, and loyalty.” Stay connected with the HVFD for more updates and future events.

The Marion Tribune – January 11, 2024