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Cobbs Receives Resolution In HOA Request

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 11:30 am


At the County Commissioner meeting on September 25, the board finalized the decision to deny Jeff Cobbs request to solidify legislation involving the transfer of control of a Property Owners Association (POA) to a Homeowners Association (HOA).

Cobbs had previously spoken at the August 28 meeting advocating for this change for his community and other communities in similar situations.

The board discussed the legislature proposed and the potential outcomes and repercussions. It was addressed that there is currently no statutory mandatory, as Cobbs previously expressed in the last meeting.

Commissioner Donald Blansett asked Attorney William L. Gouger Jr. if the resolution would carry legal weight. Gouger advised that the legislature would not be legally enforceable nor would it be retroactive to apply to previous or current developments under the coverage of a POA.

Cobbs was asked if he had any new information to present to the board that he did not cover in his last address to which he stated that he did not.

Eight of the commissioners voted to deny his request, four voted to approve, and Commissioner Paul Schafer abstained from voting.

The Marion Tribune – October 5, 2023