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Calling All Teachers – Marion County Schools Needs You

Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 3:15 pm



With the new school year right around the corner, Marion County Schools’ administration is highlighting the need for eight new teachers to accommodate the surge in student enrollment.

The increase in enrollment is largely attributed to the effects of the pandemic and new families moving into the county. Amidst this, the need for teachers has become increasingly critical. As a result, District Director Mark Griffith requested the addition of eight roles. After a unanimous decision to approve, the schools hope to fill the roles before classes start back up. Prospective and interested parties holding a bachelor’s degree or higher with a certificate or awaiting certification are all encouraged to apply.

With the flood of new students, the administration has emphasized the importance of hiring new teachers to maintain the quality of education. As the number of available positions grows, so does the range of applicants. However, the importance of filling these roles goes beyond sheer numbers. They are also focusing on addressing the challenges sure to come, such as the increase in class size and ensuring individual attention to students. The potential impact of a teacher shortage on various aspects of the educational experience underscores the significance of recruiting educators who can positively impact overall educational outcomes and support the school’s mission of providing a nurturing and enriching learning environment.

In addition to the aftereffects of the pandemic, Griffith and the school’s administration welcome newcomers to the county and school district. Griffith expressed excitement that parents are choosing to send their children to the schools and for new families moving into the county. Although Griffith conceded that they do not know the extent of what the enrollment going into the new school year, he stated that currently “we are almost outside of four-thousand students, which we haven’t been there in a while.” Although, they anticipate the largest concentration of new students in the elementary school levels, there is a separate position open for a high school music teacher.

The hiring approval covers various grade levels, ranging from kindergarten to grade eight in South Pittsburg, Monteagle, and Jasper Elementary School. As previously mentioned, a note for prospective applicants, the school is willing to consider candidates who are undergoing certification or already hold state-sanctioned qualifications. Griffith stated, “We’re willing to give them [all applicants] a look no matter what background they’ve been.” The program is state sanctioned, and the purpose is to get people with degrees into teaching careers. The guidelines aim to support the growing enrollment and ensure quality education for all students in the upcoming school year.

The Marion County Schools administration and Commissioner Committee’s proactive approach to addressing the latest and unique obstacles, demonstrates their commitment to providing superior instruction to children in the community. Recognizing the trials posed by the pandemic and the welcome challenge of new families moving into the area, the district’s ability to employ more teachers is a necessary step in ensuring that students receive the attention and support they need to thrive academically. By welcoming applicants with ongoing certifications, as well as those who already hold it, the school district is building a strong and capable teaching team. As the new school year approaches, the focus remains on maintaining a balanced learning environment for all students and educators. With the community’s support and dedication, Marion County Schools is well-equipped to meet the increasing demand and continue providing an exceptional educational experience for its students.